My poor blog has been neglected… so sorry, I have been so crazy backed up that nothing is getting on here… yikes!!

I did want to share about my daughter and her baptism day.  We are LDS, and when our children turn 8, they are baptized as official members of our church.

This was a very special day for her and for our family.

Hope you enjoy the images.

I took a few pictures of her in her white dress at the Mesa Temple.  The baptism was performed on a different day in a regular church building with a font, but the temple is so important to us as a family since it is where we were sealed (married) for this life and all eternity.

Before Addie’s baptism, we had a family brunch at our house with all the cousins and friends.

Mal and I were excited to try some new ideas off of our crazy addiction Pinterest!

So glad I made it into one photo for the day… that’s rare, right?

Cousins are the best!

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