In an effort to simplify this contest, the entry requirements have changed.  Thank you to everyone who has entered so far and left a sweet comment, I will be giving you each an extra entry.  I have loved your stories and would love to shoot all of you someday!  I will announce the winner on Friday!  Thanks for following and supporting my photography, your the best!

  • Kimberly Nevels

    I would use it for me. I would love a new updated picture of me. I have recently lost about 40+ pounds so a new picture of my self would be a huge treat!

  • Kimberly Nevels

    I put it on my facebook page too! I really want to win. 🙂

  • Adrienne Driggs

    I’ve never had a professional shoot done. If I possibly ever won this would be amazing. I’m a senior in college and never even got to take Senior pictures in high school! The last picture my parents have of me on their wall of family photos is over 4 years old! It’d be nice to give them something to put up there and send to relatives.

  • kittrean tanner cook

    Wow…you always have something fun going on….Imagonnagiveitashot!

  • Becky

    Is it only good for one person? I would use it for one of my kids, even though they would probably want the other sibling with them.

  • Candace Valek

    I would use it for for the new addition to our family. We just won Guardianship of a beautiful little girl whom we love so much.Her name is Brooke and she is 5. The only family picture we have is one without her and I know how much it would make her feel at home to see her face with ours on the wall. We would love to have our first family photo done with her… Even if we do not win the contest I still would love to get one done.

  • I would love a session! The pictures on my website, were taken by my 7 year old 😉 Would we be able to squeeze my husband in a few shots if I win? 🙂

  • Jan King

    Um, pretty sure I would pick…me! 🙂 What an awesome giveaway!

  • Jan King

    I shared on FB!

  • Hi Amy,
    I would use this session for my two and a half year old son. Ethan was looking forward to being a big brother to his little brother Luke. Sadly, Luke didn’t make it and was stillborn. Ethan got to hold his brother once in the hospital. Unfortunately, no pictures were taken that day.:( I am so sad looking back that we don’t have pictures to help remember our son, and of Ethan with his brother. I was thinking it would be wonderful to get tasteful pictures of Ethan with his brothers Urn, or a prop of some sort with his brothers name. I’m sure something beautiful could be done to help Luke’s memory live on forever for Ethan, and for us. We would love for the opportunity for a talented professional like you to help us with this idea and bring it to life.

  • I posted your link on my Facebook wall & “liked” your link 🙂 keeping my fingers crossed!!! Would LOVE to win more than you could know!!

  • Kerri

    Your work is some of my favorite!! I love looking at your blog and seeing all the moments you capture on camera. I would use the session for one of my “miracle” babies! One just turned 2, the other is almost 1 and I need some photos of them capturing this moment in time! It’s going by way too fast and I always want to remember this crazy time in our lives!

  • Danielle Fairburn

    Our Twin boys (5.5yrs) just graduated from Preschool and we are expecting baby boy #3 July 9th! Once the baby arrives, I would love to have a session of all three of my boys so that I will have amazing pictures to cherish for a lifetime!

    **I also posted to Facebook**

  • Barbara Hamblen

    I would use this photo shoot for my family and I (husband, my 2.5 year old and 18 month old and myself). We have never had professionally photos done before because we just could not afford it. I have no good pictures of my kids and we did not even have a professionally wedding photographer. I would be so grateful to actually have professionally photos of my kids. Thank you and look forward to hearing who the winner is 🙂

  • Diane Waite

    If I lived in Arizona I would use this photo session for myself. Since I am in Utah and have zero chance of getting to AZ in the next three months I would like to nominate my sister in law’s family for the photo session. My sister in law is the awesome scrapbooker Diana Waite and since she has a your blog as a link on her scrapbooking blog I get to follow and learn from your fabulous photos. She has no idea I am doing this!

  • Lindsay brummer

    I have just lost 55lbs of baby weight and would love a photo shoot of myself or a couple shots if my family. I had three kids in three years and am always behind the camera myself so I never get to be in the photos. I love tour realistic images, they feel passionate.

  • Kristen Rock

    Amy: I would use your fabulous talent to capture the craziness of my family life! My husband has so much personality that never comes out in pictures and I would love to see all of our goofiness captured as artwork all over our house!

  • i live in oregon, but i would for sure find some way to make it out to arizona, i have always loved your style of photography!

  • I would love to have a family session done. Being that I am a photographer it seems I am always doing everyone else’s photos. Plus when I try to take pictures of my kids they don’t want to get their picture taken. {it’s just mom with the camera again 🙁 } Your photos are gorgeous!

  • […] Simplified – Free Session Giveaway! {phoenix photography} Title …May 25, 2011 … My sister in law is the awesome scrapbooker Diana Waite and since she has a your blog as a link on her scrapbooking blog I get to follow and … […]

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