I’ve been telling my kids that for years, and this one image says it all!  I think I will make it nice and big and hang it on my wall with a plaque under it that says those words; “work makes you happy”!  Then when my kids are whinny, I can just point at it and not say a word.. I am sure that my kids will really love that!

This darling girl was helping the other 200+  and our Hope Arising volunteers in Dera, Ethiopia move rocks into the classroom where we were able to help them to have a concrete floor, an improvement from their dirt and straw!  The kids were really so very happy!  And they really had nothing.  We introduced a group of kids to balloons.  Introduced them.   They have nothing.   It made me really ask myself why, and what makes my own self happy and what makes my kids happy.  I decided the mall is off my list.  But coconut cupcakes from Sprinkles are still on my list.  In the top 10, actually.