I don’t know how I am going to be able to put into words the experiences that I had while in Ethiopia this last week.  It was amazing.  We all decided that there is no way to totally bring back what we had, but that you must experience it for yourself.  However, I will do my best.  I was blessed with the opportunity to travel with Hope Arising and to take video and still images of the town, the humanitarian projects, and the people.  It was simply amazing.  Everything we did, every moment was a new experience.  And in most cases, experiences that blew your mind.  Most of the work was done in a town called Dera.  It has to be one of the poorest villages in the entire country.  The living conditions would frighten you.  The biggest reason is their lack of water.  To get water, they have to walk hours to a water station, which is dripping unclean water out a little at a time.  So, they set their yellow cans in a line to get water unclean and diseased water when it is their turn, which can take days.  Then they repeat, year after year after year.  Hope Arising has been raising funds to get the water into Dera from a spring in a near by mountain, and the project is almost complete.  I was able to see the spring and talk to villagers who are already starting to receive the water between the mountain and Dera and who are already having their lives changed.  It was awesome.  Totally awesome.  Each time we were in Dera the people would swarm you.  They wanted to you to take their pictures, but they also wanted to know about us, touch our white skin, and some wanted us to take them home with us.  I wanted to take them home with us too.  The students are starving for more knowledge.  They were so interested in how they could improve their studies.   It was impressive.  They are a town that is poor, but mostly in opportunity.  They were happy people that if given the chance would do better, do more and thrive.   I am going to share just a few pictures at a time and a few stories at a time.   Here is today’s images.

Here are some of the pictures in the market, the people are so beautiful!  Even the dirty little children are so cute, and so happy!  Always smiling and laughing!  Most of these children were barefoot.

This picture is from a classroom in Dera, they were a uniform school, this was grade 5.