You might remember this sweet girl from here where we took pictures with her Daddy, Arizona Diamondback pitcher, Brandon Webb.  Well, guess who turned 5?  It was a gorgeous day and the sun was my best friend!  I LOVE the sun flare and the gorgeous lighting I was able to capture!   This was the type of party where the kids play and play and play and play.  No organized games, just letting the kids be kids, and they loved it!   And how darling is the birthday girl?  Her Mommy is stylish and fun, and she makes sure her little girl is always darling.

The party was a “Tangled” party, and look how darling the cake is!  Love that!

Aren’t these kids the cutest things?  I was laughing with them all day.  They were either being so funny, or just super sweet with each other!

Here is Alicia with her sister and Mom, aren’t they all gorgeous?

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