Everyone is always wondering what to wear to their photo shoot, and while I have some ideas that I love, I have more guidelines of what not to wear!  I thought I would start with blondes.  I always encourage my clients to dress their fair headed children in bright or darker clothes.   When they already have fair skin and fair hair color, then if you dress them in light pink, white, light blue, or anything in the pastel range, they tend to wash out and are not as noticeable.  I prefer contrast on my subjects, and since their natural coloring is low contrast, then they would do well wearing darker and contrasting colors.     My girls are the perfect example, both have that very light blonde hair.  When my oldest was younger, we had our family pictures done, and she was wearing a darling light purple sweater.  I did not think it would be a problem at all.  When we got our pictures back, she looked way too light and washed out compared to everyone else.  Then in the black and white images, she almost disappeared because of the low, low contrast!  So here is how I have my little blondies dress for pictures now:   darker colors, brighter colors, and stay away from white!!