I knew when the mom, Kristin, told me in our design consultation she didn’t care if her little guy was just facing up with his hands towards her for a picture, but that she just wanted to show the family having fun.  I knew then, that I would be able to shoot how I really want and love to shoot.    Some say they like creative shots, but when it comes to hanging a large print on their wall, they look for the one where everyone is facing forward with a nice smile, and archive the real creative ones.  While I believe that a traditional family portrait is great and can be amazing, and there are times  when you really should have a great family portrait like that, this is my favorite way to shoot!   I want to showcase families in love with the idea of their family!  I love capturing laughter, play, and fun!  I crave the imperfect shots that combine art and your family.  I am crazy about telling your story!  And I love seeing them huge on your walls!  My “Day In The Life” shoot does this, and I am so excited that I’ve been able to work with families here and here that love capturing the small details and the amazing relationships in your family even more than the portrait.  And while this shoot I did with Kristin’s darling family is not a “Day In The Life”,  I was able infuse tons of creativity and just have fun!   I am in love!