Thank you Kara and Shawni for the referral of this fun family!  I was so honored to do this shoot for the Mom, Christy, since their oldest is leaving the nest, and it is the last family picture for the next 4 years, and who knows what the dynamic of their family will be then.  It was so important for Christy to have this done and to remember her family as it is now and we both just loved how they turned out.  It’s always so great for me to have friends like her with older children!  I feel like I get dropped these pearls of wisdom about parenting with our conversations and I so love that!  What I learned from Christy is that there is so much joy in having your kids around you.  She is a great example of a Mother that really loves her kids, and soaks in every minute of their family life!  I guess you can see for yourself why.  What a great family!!

This shot is so much fun!  It just looks like their family is a total blast and they all love having fun together, especially the littlest one, so cute!