I had the awesome opportunity to be a 2nd shooter with my good friend, Tina, and it was so fun!  This was totally new for me, I am used to shooting weddings all by myself, and so it was fun to be able to be alot more relaxed than normal and allow for more creativity.  Tina is awesome!  She is the type of photographer that has the “it” factor.  She can get the shots everytime, and may not be able to explain why because she can just see what makes it awesome!  I love working with her because I find myself laughing all the time, especially when talking with her new pal, Skee (inside joke, haha)!

This wedding was a fairytale, held at the gorgeous Villa Sienna a tuscan-y castle-y amazing place!  The bride had the most gorgeous princess gown, classic beautiful red roses and petals were everywhere!  I got to do the images of the groom and his groomsmen, which was awesome, the groom has a goofy fun personality!  Everything went off without a hitch from putting on the bride’s gown to dancing the night away, and I was impressed with how calm the bride remained through it all!  Check it out!

I would love for the entrance of my home to look like this image above.  I love ivy!!

The bride’s slips were huge and had so many layers, her friends almost got lost in them as they were “poofing” them out!

It always makes me choke up when I see others getting emotional!  Love the sweet sentiments that were shared here.

The friends and family were not shy about getting in there and dancing all night!  I’ve never seen the “Marcha”, it’s a customary hispanic marching dance and involves almost everyone there – it was such a blast!  I found myself making lists of everything I am going to do at my own girls’ weddings (a little premature, since they are so young, but hey, I have a great perspective!)