I am giddy about this!  This is what I’ve been really wanting to do forever!!  Introducing “A day in the life” sessions!  This is where I spend extensive time getting to know your family, and come and shoot for as long as it takes to get a picture of what your “today” is.  Because tomorrow your kids will be bigger, and soon enough they will be gone.   Here is examples of the sweetest family, and the fun we had capturing play time with Mom and Dad!  For more examples, check them out on my new website here! Oh, did I forget to mention I have a new website?  Yes, finally!!  Check it out here and let me know what you think, it has been hours and hours in the making!  Oh, yes, and it matches my new blog, well, just a little!  Glad to have a new blog too!

If this looks like the type of memories you would like, check out my sweet deal here!

All of these plus many more images will be going into a high quality lay flat album, and they will be picking out a HUGE print as well.

Enjoy their day….

Dad and little Miss A. were taking a moment to keep her happy with some glo sticks…. so I ran after them, into the closet and caught this!