Oh, my!  When I left my design session with this Mom, 2 weeks before the shoot, I knew I was going to be in heaven! They have the perfect everything for a photographer…. darling  1930-something little house, 2 beautiful girls, colorful whimsical home and yard, large trees, close and loving relationship!  I just came home gushing about this family and how cute they are and how lucky these 2 little girls are because they have this fabulous and creative Mom who used to be a teacher and home schools them, and how they get to snuggle and play during the day and that they have a tree house and 2 tree swings!!   If you live in the East Valley, chances are very slim that you have a tree mature enough to support a swing… and they can hold 3 people on their swing…. sooo lucky!!!!   I just adored everything!  I loved the bathtub they installed on the side of the house, the colorful quilt that was a pretend horse’s saddle draped over a branch that was a pretend horse. I loved that the girls were so close that they could have been twins!  If I wasn’t shooting them for a minute, their imaginations had already whisked them away to some land that I haven’t been to in years, and I wish my own kids would visit more often.  Their sister relationship was so blissful, so contented, and so sweet!    I hope you can see in these images fun and loving atmosphere that was just glowing from this family and this home!  Oh, and thank you Claudia for referring this great family!  I can see why you are friends!!