I thought I’d share a couple of tips on lighting while posting pics of this darling girl.  Can you believe she is only in 7th grade?  She is such a doll!  I love that Mom took the time to have a photo session done at this age of just her.  Most parents wait till their kids are Seniors to give them their own shoot, but every age should be celebrated!

So, on to the lighting tips, (and this is basic stuff).  One of the most common misconceptions about light is that it is best to stand in the sunlight for a picture.  While the sun omits more light, it can be harsh, especially in the middle of the day.   Picture a flashlight hanging above your head, the light is so directional that it causes deep shadows everywhere.   Shooting in the sun during mid day can also cause those harsh shadows, plus a lot of squinty eyes.

I love to actually have my subjects in the shade.  Using my camera to help correctly expose (light up) the subject, I can get a nice even natural light on the subject, no harsh shadows, and no squinty eyes.  It’s also a great idea to shoot in the evening or early morning.  But more on that later.  Check out this cutie patootie!

PS – Basic Photoshop Class is next Tuesday!  Come and learn how to take your images from good to amazing!!

I love, love this type of lighting above, hazy and beautiful… more on that later…

And backlighting is also one of my favorite types of lighting… simply stunning light!  And girl!