It doesn’t matter if it’s an iPhone picture or a professional session, looking good in pictures can make or break your day, right?   If you take a selfie that turns out awkward… ugh – you don’t want to get in front of the camera ever….. again!   But if the picture actually turns out ok, then you relax, smile and feel pretty dang good!  And that is such a better way to go throughout your day!

Here’s a few tips that I’ve learned through the years to help you nail it every time!!

Tip #1:  Twist a little

If you’ve ever worried about the camera adding 10 pounds, try this trick to lose 10 pounds instead. Stand a little sideways and twist your waist by turning your shoulders towards the camera.   This is a great angle to help anyone look slimmer and is sometimes referred to as a “Quick Tummy Tuck”.   Standing at just an angle will always be more appealing for any figure, rather than just standing straight on.




Tip #2:  Turtle neck

I promise that even the skinniest people can get what I call Awkward Neck Syndrome (ANS), I see it all the time! You know the kind, where you are laughing, or turning to the camera, and somehow the camera captures lots more neck than you really have? It’s the worst! I don’t know why, but every time I’m in front of a camera, I tend to pull my chin back without even realizing it and causing me severe cases of ANS!   Ugh!! Luckily, this is an easy fix. The next time you are in front of a camera, (heck grab your phone camera right now and try this), just push your neck and forehead towards the camera a little bit. Kind of like a turtle sticks their neck out. This feels awkward, but from the camera’s perspective it doesn’t look awkward, instead it lengthens and minimizes any chance of a double chin. Wha-lah!!




Tip #3:  Pull your hair forward around your neck

I’ve learned this tip from many years in Photo Shop (PS). Any time I had a client request that I use Photo Shop to help her look skinnier, I played around with all kinds of PS tools to help her look her best, and still like herself. One simple trick I discovered in PS was using a tool to push their hair in around their neck more.   It’s weird, but it really helps you to look much skinnier.   So now when I get that request during the shoot I will bring their hair forward as much as I can around their neck during the shoot so that they get the same result without using my mad ninja PS skills!