Just got back from another fun week at the beach.  We loved every minute of it, from the sandy toes to the VeeGee’s doughnuts and a late night at the Cafe 101…  Here are a few pics of my fam.

Bryce has been saving for his first surf board, this was our first surfing trip… I could watch surfers all day long, and from where we were camped, we had a great view of lots of surfing action!

Every morning, my boys would head down to the beach to play football with a bunch of boys, every age.  I loved it, but never got a shot (lazy me), but here’s a couple of our family olympics we held with our friends.  It was serious fun!

I love boys!  Even if I did have to bribe them to spend time with my camera…. I just look at them and picture them zoomed forward about 10 years, and love that they have such good friends.

Addie took a major spill sitting on a skateboard and coasting down a paved hill…. check her leg and elbow.  She’s been milkin’ it too.  Say’s she can’t do P.E. for at least 2 weeks…. 🙂

I finally got in the mood to do a “photo shoot” with the teens…. bummer most of them had left for the week… I am in love with the lifeguard stations if you couldn’t tell.