Hey all,

I am excited about fall coming soon… excited about all the upcoming photo sessions, excited about Fall Break, and excited to be able to take my baby boys to the park.    Last night I attempted some park play after the sun was out of the sky, and it didn’t matter, we were all still dripping with sweat and it was 7 pm… ugh!  I wish I’d had my camera with me because Jack went down the big slide with a neighbor girl and face planted into the sand, when I ran to the rescue his face looked like a snickerdoodle cookie – completely covered in sand – eyes, nose, mouth it was like a sand mask!  I was laughing so hard, and wiping it all down, and the little boy never even cried.  Little boys are amazing that way – they just love the outdoors and are happy as long as they are outside…. oh, and if they are making lots of noise too… can’t forget that!

Here is a line up of my fall classes

Photographing Children

Come learn how to capture great images of your kids! Whether it’s a classic portrait, a candid day-in-the-life image, or an action/sports shot. We’ll learn about how to find the best lighting, how to work with wiggly toddlers, and how to get crisp images and avoid getting blurry shots. Only 12 spots available, must register to attend at amy@amyfraughtonphotography.com

Thursday, September 19th

9:00 – 11:30 , in Chandler

Photography 101 and 102

Come and learn in person how to create amazing images, and how to use all the functions on your camera!  These 2 classes are 3 hours each and held one week apart from each other.  During the class, we will learn a concept, and then step outside with our cameras and actually shoot using that concept, then we’ll come back inside for more learning! Be prepared to learn things you never knew your camera could do. Both classes are packed with information! All of the concepts are based on using natural light only.

$150 for both classes

Class 101:  $75
Thursday, Sept. 22nd
9:00 – 12:00

Composition, lighting, creativity, toddler tricks, clarity and focus, using the Creative modes (not Auto), aperature priority, shutter priority,

Class 102:  $75
Thursday, Sept. 29th
9:00 – 12:00

Lenses – why, which, when,
depth of field, white balance, focus points – toggling, exposure, ISO, aperature, shutter speed, manual mode,

The classes are designed to go together.  To register, email me at amy@amyfraughtonphotography.com  to let me know your interested and we will get you registered!

Can’t wait to meet ya!