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A few weekends ago we had the chance to go to Jerome with family and play in a museum that some would call a junk yard, either way, it was fun to just play with my camera and see what I could make look artistic.  I love old stuff!

In the last 7 weeks, our dog, Troxie, had 9 of the cutest puppies.  We have had so much fun being a part and helping her raise her pups.  When I was a girl, our dog, Boogie, had 10 puppies and it is one of my favorite memories as a kid to have those cute little bundles bouncing around and being so snuggly, so I wanted the same for my kids.  I really would not have a dog if I didn’t have kids, but I feel like they are just part of raising a family.

This picture above is at 2 days old, we could barely wait to start all the photo shoots!  We were there for the entire birthing, well those of us that wanted to watch did.  Troxie did an amazing job and knocked herself out taking care of all of them on her own, which was fine by me 🙂  We hoped she’d have 5 or so, but they just kept coming and coming, and coming!  I would text my sister after every pup saying looks like she’s having 6, then 7, well, you get the picture.

This picture above says it all.  You can barely even see the pups, but my favorite is that my kids were just cracking up as they wiggled around in their arms.  They were 2 weeks old here and hadn’t opened their eyes or started walking yet.

Here they are at 3 weeks.  Love that they look like they are kissing.

These last 3 pics are when they were 6 weeks old, and I posted these in the online paper.  We sold 8 in 3 days, and 1 after I had energy to take another call.  Nine pups sold in 5 days, not what we were thinking.  It was sweet that alot of buyers were replacing loyal dogs that had passed in the last 6 months or so.  Lots of great people love dogs.

Meet our crew; Jelly Bean, “Tux”edo, “Mele” Kalikimaka, Florence, Maui, Tally, Mojo, Sugar and Pepper.  Tally’s new family paid a deposit and asked to pick her up in a week, so it has been so fun now to have one pup around the house.  She is spoiled rotten and rarely put down.  She slept with me last night and had to be touching me.  I guess she misses her pile of puppies that she is used to sleeping with.  It has been such a fun adventure and memory maker for our kids, and yes, I’ll do it again.

This one turned 15 this week, so we went out and played with my camera… so blessed am I.

Wanted to share some of the fun we had with the boys football season!  I love that new Kenny Chesney country song  The Boys of Fall, and was inspired to do some fun images of the kids… here’s a few of the fun shots.  The boys and their sports are getting so much fun since Casey is coaching them.  He loves it and so do they.  It’s fun to watch them and think about the tradition Casey is setting up with our boys.  My mind will wander into the future and I can see them all playing Turkey Bowls, Softball Tournaments, and Church Ball together.  I can picture Casey coaching our boys boys too and it just tickles my heart.  I love watching him do what he loves to do and this is a sweet thing for him.

We got a package of 9 delivered last week, our Christmas present early!  It has been so much fun for all of us, I am loving them and the whole experience so far.  Yes, I know in 6 weeks I’ll be pulling my hair out, but for now, it’s just so fun!  They are the cutest things, and I love seeing my kids love on them.   When I was a kid, our lab had 10 puppies, we had soo much fun playing with them, naming them, and letting them nestle into your neck.  I wanted my kids to have the same experience, so we thought one batch of pups would be good.  We never expected that she would have 9 though, after 5 came out, we were thrilled that each kid could have one to name and one left over.. but they kept coming and coming!  So 9 puppies and 6 weeks to go till they are ready to find new homes.  Here is my first ad.  Fall in love for Valentines day, with a puppy, one of our puppies preferably….

Everyone is always wondering what to wear to their photo shoot, and while I have some ideas that I love, I have more guidelines of what not to wear!  I thought I would start with blondes.  I always encourage my clients to dress their fair headed children in bright or darker clothes.   When they already have fair skin and fair hair color, then if you dress them in light pink, white, light blue, or anything in the pastel range, they tend to wash out and are not as noticeable.  I prefer contrast on my subjects, and since their natural coloring is low contrast, then they would do well wearing darker and contrasting colors.     My girls are the perfect example, both have that very light blonde hair.  When my oldest was younger, we had our family pictures done, and she was wearing a darling light purple sweater.  I did not think it would be a problem at all.  When we got our pictures back, she looked way too light and washed out compared to everyone else.  Then in the black and white images, she almost disappeared because of the low, low contrast!  So here is how I have my little blondies dress for pictures now:   darker colors, brighter colors, and stay away from white!!

Just got back from another fun week at the beach.  We loved every minute of it, from the sandy toes to the VeeGee’s doughnuts and a late night at the Cafe 101…  Here are a few pics of my fam.

Bryce has been saving for his first surf board, this was our first surfing trip… I could watch surfers all day long, and from where we were camped, we had a great view of lots of surfing action!

Every morning, my boys would head down to the beach to play football with a bunch of boys, every age.  I loved it, but never got a shot (lazy me), but here’s a couple of our family olympics we held with our friends.  It was serious fun!

I love boys!  Even if I did have to bribe them to spend time with my camera…. I just look at them and picture them zoomed forward about 10 years, and love that they have such good friends.

Addie took a major spill sitting on a skateboard and coasting down a paved hill…. check her leg and elbow.  She’s been milkin’ it too.  Say’s she can’t do P.E. for at least 2 weeks…. 🙂

I finally got in the mood to do a “photo shoot” with the teens…. bummer most of them had left for the week… I am in love with the lifeguard stations if you couldn’t tell.

What do you do with 8 gorgeous girls, all sisters?   Check it out!

Got myself a new look.  Welcome to the new blog.  What do ya think?  I know I’ve been neglectful, but stay tight, I’ve got lots of sweet stuff coming soon.  It’s gonna be AWE-SOME (say that in a sing songy voice)!

Here is my old look on my old blog.

Must leave you with this cute shot I got tonight…