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Everyone is different, some people are comfortable right away and can really be themselves, and some people are a little harder to crack!  Within minutes of meeting this darling couple on site, I could see I would have no problem getting them used to having me around shooting them.  He was soo cute with her, just wanting to be around, and wrapped around her all the time.  It was very sweet!  Can’t wait to do their bridal images very soon, I know they are counting the days…

This shot above with the birds was so fun to create!  We saw the birds, and I told them go stand over there and and start kissing and see what happens.  Well, with the first touch of their lips, the birds started to flutter off the ground and the better the kiss got the more the birds started to fly up and around them!  It was amazing…. (oh, and so was the perfect toss of my shoe right into the waiting birds… tee hee)

These students from Southern Utah were the perfect for this shoot.  I love how the lighting just flooded them and they were so sweet with each other.  It’s always so fun to be around engaged couples.  They carry an energy that is so full of excitement and hope and sweet love!  You can almost feel it coming off these images as well.