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Hey all,

I am excited about fall coming soon… excited about all the upcoming photo sessions, excited about Fall Break, and excited to be able to take my baby boys to the park.    Last night I attempted some park play after the sun was out of the sky, and it didn’t matter, we were all still dripping with sweat and it was 7 pm… ugh!  I wish I’d had my camera with me because Jack went down the big slide with a neighbor girl and face planted into the sand, when I ran to the rescue his face looked like a snickerdoodle cookie – completely covered in sand – eyes, nose, mouth it was like a sand mask!  I was laughing so hard, and wiping it all down, and the little boy never even cried.  Little boys are amazing that way – they just love the outdoors and are happy as long as they are outside…. oh, and if they are making lots of noise too… can’t forget that!

Here is a line up of my fall classes

Photographing Children

Come learn how to capture great images of your kids! Whether it’s a classic portrait, a candid day-in-the-life image, or an action/sports shot. We’ll learn about how to find the best lighting, how to work with wiggly toddlers, and how to get crisp images and avoid getting blurry shots. Only 12 spots available, must register to attend at

Thursday, September 19th

9:00 – 11:30 , in Chandler

Photography 101 and 102

Come and learn in person how to create amazing images, and how to use all the functions on your camera!  These 2 classes are 3 hours each and held one week apart from each other.  During the class, we will learn a concept, and then step outside with our cameras and actually shoot using that concept, then we’ll come back inside for more learning! Be prepared to learn things you never knew your camera could do. Both classes are packed with information! All of the concepts are based on using natural light only.

$150 for both classes

Class 101:  $75
Thursday, Sept. 22nd
9:00 – 12:00

Composition, lighting, creativity, toddler tricks, clarity and focus, using the Creative modes (not Auto), aperature priority, shutter priority,

Class 102:  $75
Thursday, Sept. 29th
9:00 – 12:00

Lenses – why, which, when,
depth of field, white balance, focus points – toggling, exposure, ISO, aperature, shutter speed, manual mode,

The classes are designed to go together.  To register, email me at  to let me know your interested and we will get you registered!

Can’t wait to meet ya!

Gotta love these spunky kids… they must get it from their parents, who are quite amazing people!  I love shooting in the home, it’s so fun to create art out of you and your family.  It can be so much more than “family pictures”.

This above image is just what I am talking about.  You could have a nice random picture of flowers on your wall as art, or this.  Your sweet child and your pups… your family art.  This would look amazing as a 4 foot gallery wrap canvas at the end of the hallway.

Don’t you just love the drool?

I knew when the mom, Kristin, told me in our design consultation she didn’t care if her little guy was just facing up with his hands towards her for a picture, but that she just wanted to show the family having fun.  I knew then, that I would be able to shoot how I really want and love to shoot.    Some say they like creative shots, but when it comes to hanging a large print on their wall, they look for the one where everyone is facing forward with a nice smile, and archive the real creative ones.  While I believe that a traditional family portrait is great and can be amazing, and there are times  when you really should have a great family portrait like that, this is my favorite way to shoot!   I want to showcase families in love with the idea of their family!  I love capturing laughter, play, and fun!  I crave the imperfect shots that combine art and your family.  I am crazy about telling your story!  And I love seeing them huge on your walls!  My “Day In The Life” shoot does this, and I am so excited that I’ve been able to work with families here and here that love capturing the small details and the amazing relationships in your family even more than the portrait.  And while this shoot I did with Kristin’s darling family is not a “Day In The Life”,  I was able infuse tons of creativity and just have fun!   I am in love!

Oh, my!  When I left my design session with this Mom, 2 weeks before the shoot, I knew I was going to be in heaven! They have the perfect everything for a photographer…. darling  1930-something little house, 2 beautiful girls, colorful whimsical home and yard, large trees, close and loving relationship!  I just came home gushing about this family and how cute they are and how lucky these 2 little girls are because they have this fabulous and creative Mom who used to be a teacher and home schools them, and how they get to snuggle and play during the day and that they have a tree house and 2 tree swings!!   If you live in the East Valley, chances are very slim that you have a tree mature enough to support a swing… and they can hold 3 people on their swing…. sooo lucky!!!!   I just adored everything!  I loved the bathtub they installed on the side of the house, the colorful quilt that was a pretend horse’s saddle draped over a branch that was a pretend horse. I loved that the girls were so close that they could have been twins!  If I wasn’t shooting them for a minute, their imaginations had already whisked them away to some land that I haven’t been to in years, and I wish my own kids would visit more often.  Their sister relationship was so blissful, so contented, and so sweet!    I hope you can see in these images fun and loving atmosphere that was just glowing from this family and this home!  Oh, and thank you Claudia for referring this great family!  I can see why you are friends!!

What do you do with 8 gorgeous girls, all sisters?   Check it out!

I am giddy about this!  This is what I’ve been really wanting to do forever!!  Introducing “A day in the life” sessions!  This is where I spend extensive time getting to know your family, and come and shoot for as long as it takes to get a picture of what your “today” is.  Because tomorrow your kids will be bigger, and soon enough they will be gone.   Here is examples of the sweetest family, and the fun we had capturing play time with Mom and Dad!  For more examples, check them out on my new website here! Oh, did I forget to mention I have a new website?  Yes, finally!!  Check it out here and let me know what you think, it has been hours and hours in the making!  Oh, yes, and it matches my new blog, well, just a little!  Glad to have a new blog too!

If this looks like the type of memories you would like, check out my sweet deal here!

All of these plus many more images will be going into a high quality lay flat album, and they will be picking out a HUGE print as well.

Enjoy their day….

Dad and little Miss A. were taking a moment to keep her happy with some glo sticks…. so I ran after them, into the closet and caught this!