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I feel like I have been absentee forever!!  My life has been soo full lately!  Another amazing trip to Africa, a small flood, a busy remodel and of course, much photography going on as well…

The Senior’s are keeping my schedule, I have so many to catch up on, but I thought I’d throw a few out there just to prove I am still alive and well!

Hope you enjoy!!

In an effort to simplify this contest, the entry requirements have changed.  Thank you to everyone who has entered so far and left a sweet comment, I will be giving you each an extra entry.  I have loved your stories and would love to shoot all of you someday!  I will announce the winner on Friday!  Thanks for following and supporting my photography, your the best!

Berlin is the type of girl that is so easy going!  I loved working with her since she was willing to go and do and try whatever I was up for, looked stunning but was not a high maintenance girl!  She rocked my camera over and over and I took way too many pictures!  I can tell she has many friends and is friends with everyone!  What an awesome way to be!

This girl is beautiful, smart, an amazing dancer, and as you can see here, a whole ton of fun!  I love her originality!